Club Affiliates

Club Affiliation is for any soccer club that is serious about developing their brand and commitment to the betterment of their players. Club Affiliation is going ALL IN on player development.  What this means is that the clubs listed below have purchased miSoccer memberships for all of the players in the club!  These are clubs that have put the investment where it belongs, into the the players! You will be suprised at how cost effective this approach is, please contact us if you are a club that is ready to go ALL IN.

Continental Footbal Club

Continental Football Club or CFC is the type of club that miSoccer loves to champion. Not only are they one of the most prestigious clubs in the country but they are commited to laying the foundation and leading the way for all others to follow.

CFC Vision: To create a nationally recognized community centered, youth soccer club that addresses all level of soccer.

CFC Mission: Our mission is to maximize the devleopent of every soccer player consisntent with their commitment. 

Pennridge Youth Soccer Association

Pennridge Youth Soccer Association is what every community soccer club should strive to be. They are a volunteer orgnaization that aim to give each individual player the most professional experience possible. By comitting to miSoccer they have once again shown that same commitment to their members.

"miSoccer is an essential tool for players to build their foundational skills," Dan Brown, Club VP. 


Total Soccer, LLC

Total Soccer is a training organization that conducts camps, clinics, and team training, in addition they use indoor spaces to focus in on high level technical training. It is through over a decade of this intensive technical work that the founders of Total Soccer created miSoccer. Everyday Total Soccer encourages and uses the miSoccer curriculum and because of it, our clients are proof that the sytem works! 

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