Why it Works

The miSoccer system was established over a 10 year period in Total Soccer academies located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over time the founders started recording which training sessions seemed to have the most impact and noticed the players who practiced the sessions at home by themselves were consistently the ones that showed the most significant improvement.

The system was designed to not overwhelm the player with a huge library of videos. The goal behind delivering 2 video training sessions a week was to encourage focus and bring a repetitive mind set to their training efforts. Repetition is at the heart of the miSoccer system and we encourage the players to perform their 2 sessions as often as time allows before their next sessions arrive.

Repetition is critical to building muscle memory which enables your body to instinctively move in the right way during a game and frees up your mind to think one step ahead. This is why some players seem to have more space and time when they play.

The miSoccer system also puts faith in a concept called bi-lateral transfer. The premise is that by training skill levels one leg at a time not only do you improve the skill level of your non-dominant foot but it relieves the drag that a weak non-dominant foot can have on your overall game. Learn more.

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